Authors: Marta Malak, Barbora Bečvářová


Group adressed: secondary school students

Theme: Walkabout

Subject: Is wild, Aboriginal culture really primitive and wild? Walkabout – film discussion.

The main issue: Presentation of cultures in Walkabout.




After the lesson students will:


  1. be able to summarize the main plot of the film;
  2. explain the main problems in the film
  3. be able to elaborate on the main topic of the film.
  4. gain the knowledge about Australian culture.




  • presentation
  • discussion
  • group work



  • 90-minute lesson – watching the film
  • 90 minute-film discussion


The plan of the lesson:


1 A previously selected  student gives a short, 5-minute presentation concerning introductoryinformation about the film, such as director, characters etc.                         10 min.


The teacher’s role: monitors the time and correctness of information.


  1. The teacher divides students into groups of four and they have to enumerate the main problems of the film. Then the representatives of the groups come to the board and write down ideas with which their groups came up. 15 min.


  1. The students work in groups of three: They write down the main characteristics of Aboriginal and modern culture. Then they share the ideas with the teacher and answer the question whether modern culture is really civilized. 15 min.


  1. The students work in pairs. Since there were not many dialogues in the film especially between the girl and the Aboriginal boy, they are asked to think over what the characters might talk about and write down some dialogues. Then they act out the dialogues in front of the class. 20 min.


The teacher’s role: divides the students into groups, helps the students with language issues while they are preparing the dialogues.


  1. Individual work. The students will be asked about their experiences with surviving in nature. The students will answer questions asked by the teacher whether they previously participated in activities like camps for children or scout clubs, where they learned how to survive. They will be asked if survival in nature is a matter of experience and gained skills or natural instinct, and therefore if it is the same in all cultures. This activity can lead to a general discussion. During the discussion, the teacher leaves the students to work on their own, possibly can suggest questions to think about or help the students to express themselves. 20 min.


  1. The tudents work in groups of 3-4. They highlight the main issues and obstacles that European civilisation must have gone through while settling in Australia. At the same time, they express a few obstacles and problems of contemporary aboriginals living in Australia, according to what they have seen in the movie or read previously on their own. The teacher prepares some information, documentation from youtube or articles in case that the students are not familiar with the topic of european settling in Australia. 10 min.


Choose one character and write his/her characteristic. (200-250 words).

Form groups of 2-4 students and make a project about differences of Australian and European cultures. It can be a big paper banner. You can include pictures and other visual elements. You will briefly present your group project during the class.