Wroclaw Legends/Legendy wrocławskie – digital storytelling project

The film retellings of the two popular Wrocław legends—“The Dumplig Gate” and “The Witches’ Bridge”—were created by a group of 18 students (14-15 years old) from Primus Junior High school, working under the supervision of Ms. Marta Hożewska (Polish teacher) and Ms. Sylwia Owczarek (arts teacher), as a result of The World Wide Story Web workshop organized by us under the aegis of the Center for Young People’s Literature and Culture, Department of English Studies, Wroclaw University, Poland. The workshop itself, inspired by the idea of the European Storytelling Archive, a repository of international digital legends, led by Dr. Mick Gowar (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK). The workshop was aimed at presenting the participants with the phenomenon of digital storytelling and consisted of two parts: storytelling mechanics and illustration techniques. During the former, we engaged the students in the discussion about the significance of storytelling in their lives and about various genres of oral tales. The students were also asked to assess our own storytelling endeavors to come up with qualities of enjoyable and communicative storytelling. The illustration workshop was conducted by Dr. Daniel Hade (a Fulbright visiting professor at the Department), who used ideas of Molly Bang to show the students how to manipulate shapes and cultures to achieve a specific narrative effect. As a follow-up task, the participants were to create their own pictures of scary spiders. Once the compositions were ready, the students discussed them and used the mutual feedback to rework them so as to communicate the message more effectively. To work on the retellings, the students were divided into two groups and had 30 hours (4 full days) to develop their projects, which resulted in the creation of two full-fledged films (silent film and stop-motion animation)—very successful instances of digital storytelling.

The films are available at the youtube of Wroclaw 2016: The European Capital of Culture:

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z kolejnym projektem Pracowni. Efekty współpracy z nauczycielami i uczniami gimnazjum „Primus” okazały się być świetnym materiałem promującym nasze miasto.

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